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April 2017 Archives

The importance of home inspections

Homes that are for sale are typically arranged so that their best features are on display and any defects are carefully minimized. Prospective homeowners in Florida should insist on having an inspection conducted on a home they are considering purchasing. It should be an independent inspection that is conducted by a professional.

The role of escrow when buying a home

When Florida residents buy a home, they will need to put funds into an escrow account. The account is managed by an independent escrow company that handles the various steps needed to transfer loan proceeds and complete the transaction. For example, the escrow company will typically hold the down payment and then transfer it along with mortgage funds to the seller.

Can my landlord stop me from having a necessary service animal?

If you have a disability or condition that necessitates the use of a service animal, you have rights. Despite the laws that exist to protect and enforce your right to use an animal for health and safety reasons, you may find that your Florida landlord challenges these rights, even threatening eviction, extra costs and other repercussions.

Interest rates set to continue rising in 2017

Some Florida commercial real estate investors and developers might wonder how the rise in interest rates will affect the industry. The answer is somewhat mixed. Borrowing money becomes more expensive when interest rates rise, so this suggests that there could be a slowdown in the market. On the other hand, rising interest rates go hand-in-hand with a healthy economy, and a healthy economy overall could be good news for commercial real estate. In general, business leaders are optimistic about the economy although the Federal Reserve anticipates modest economic growth in the years ahead.

Housing market experiences a rise in home sales

In Florida and across the nation, there has been an increase in home contract signings. In fact, houses have been selling at a speed that has not been seen since the mid 90s. Higher interest rates and the consistent rise in the stock market are encouraging people to buy a home.

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