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Do you know what unlawful detainer means?

An unlawful detainer action is a way for a landlord to remove a person who refuses to leave a rented residence  despite other efforts. As a Florida landlord, you may find yourself dealing with the unpleasant process of eviction and tenant removal from time to time, and it is in your best interests to know how to do so legally and peacefully.

Even though you may own the property, there is a still a process you must follow when attempting to evict a person from your property. Following the appropriate steps can ensure that you do not have to face any unnecessary complications in the future while still protecting your interests as a landlord.

The process of unlawful detainer

You cannot simply make a tenant leave without notice and without valid reasons. You do have rights as the property owner, but there are laws that protect the interests of tenants as well. In order to do your due diligence and make sure that you follow the appropriate procedures, it is beneficial to understand the process. The steps in the unlawful detainer process are as follows:

  • The first thing you must do is file the appropriate paperwork with the court. There is typically a small fee involved with this step, but many unlawful detainer procedures move quickly through the system.
  • After you submit the appropriate paperwork, there will likely be a court hearing. The tenant may be required to attend or may have the option to do so.
  • During the proceeding, the court may decide if the tenant should be evicted and whether or not to award you back rent and compensation for court costs.

Walking through the unlawful detainer process may seem cumbersome and even unnecessary, but could be the best way to ensure that you legally protect yourself as you attempt to evict a tenant.

Issues you may face as a landlord

As a landlord, you may find that you face several complications that have both legal and financial implications. You would be wise to navigate these issues with care, being sure that you do not open yourself to further issues by following the wrong path.

Whether you want to know more about your rights as a landlord, or whether you may or may not have valid grounds to remove a tenant from your property, you would be wise to seek knowledgeable support and guidance. You could benefit from a complete explanation of how the unlawful detainer process works and how to protect your interests.

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