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How to change the terms of a lease

Florida business owners or others who run successful companies may need to move to continue their success. Unfortunately, this could require getting out of a commercial lease. In some cases, it is possible to negotiate terms into an existing lease to make sure that a business owner has flexibility if the need to move arises. Shorter leases may also provide a business owner with more flexibility.

Unmarried property buyers benefit from legal agreements

Married homeowners in Florida have specific property rights if they decide to divorce. People outside of a formal marriage, however, can run into trouble if a relationship sours. This situation is increasingly common. According to a study from 2013, 25 percent of unmarried millennial couples own properties together. Because disputes over money and property could arise between partners, people should prepare cohabitation agreements or pre-purchase contracts to set forth how partners will resolve problems.

Handling special circumstances when selling a home

Florida residents who have two mortgages on a home may be concerned about their ability to sell. The good news is that it can be a relatively straightforward process in most cases. A common reason a homeowner may have two mortgages is that one loan was for the home and the other was to cover some or all of the down payment.

Can my HOA tell me what I can and cannot do with my home?

When you bought your Florida home, you may have been fully aware of the fact that a homeowners association governed certain issues within the community. However, you may not have known what matters fall under the authority of the HOA or may have found yourself surprised by what the HOA is trying to tell you to do. As a homeowner interested in protecting his or her property rights, you may find it beneficial to seek experienced guidance when navigating these matters.

Offering to buy a home that isn't for sale

Just because a home in Florida or anywhere else in the country isn't listed for sale doesn't mean that it can't be purchased. In a worst-case scenario, the owner of the home simply declines an offer to purchase it. It is also possible that the owner may leverage a person's interest into getting an offer that is higher than what the home might ordinarily be worth.

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