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How to change the terms of a lease

Florida business owners or others who run successful companies may need to move to continue their success. Unfortunately, this could require getting out of a commercial lease. In some cases, it is possible to negotiate terms into an existing lease to make sure that a business owner has flexibility if the need to move arises. Shorter leases may also provide a business owner with more flexibility.

In some cases, a landlord will be amenable to a move because it presents the opportunity to charge higher rent on a new tenant. Those looking to break a commercial lease may also increase their odds of doing so by proposing to find a new tenant. It could also be possible to get out of a lease by making a lump sum payment to the landlord to buy out the remaining term.

It is important to understand that no agreement is necessarily set in stone if both parties are willing to change its terms. Therefore, it may be worthwhile to consider asking a landlord if it is possible to modify an existing agreement to make it better fit the needs of a company. If negotiations fail, moving out and accepting the financial consequences might be better than potentially sabotaging the future success of the company.

It may be possible to change, amend or revoke commercial lease contract terms after they have been signed. However, this generally requires that the tenant and landlord can come to terms on a mutually beneficial arrangement. An attorney could act as an advocate for the tenant in an effort to get the lease changed or terminated. A business owner could then focus on making moves that are in the best interest of the company.

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