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December 2017 Archives

Divorce and selling a home

Florida couples who are getting divorced and want to sell their homes are not alone. According to one study, the family home is sold in 61 percent of divorces. There are instances during which one spouse is able to buy out the other spouse, but this does not occur in many cases.

How tax reform helps CRE investors

Florida residents may not all agree with the tax cut proposed by the GOP. Some who study the issue believe that it is generally better to have a stronger economy and higher taxes as opposed to lower taxes and a weaker economy. However, the bills may provide ways for those who own commercial real estate to make a profit. Those who are single tax filers and make less than $157,500 may be entitled to a 20 percent tax reduction.

Tax reform could lead to lower real estate values

Florida senators may soon be voting on the tax reform package currently being debated in Congress. The bill's success or failure could have an impact on home values across the nation. According to an analysis by economists from the National Association of Realtors, a combination of new limits on the mortgage interest tax deduction and the capital gains exclusion for home sales could cause some housing markets to lose between 10 and 21 percent in value within the first two years after the law is enacted.

Commercial leases and protecting the interests of your business

If you own a business in Florida, you know how difficult it is to manage the day-to-day details and expenses associated with your operations. Many businesses, yours included, may lease property, and a poorly negotiated or unfair agreement could spell big trouble for your company.

The rights of tenants in Florida

Florida residents who rent an apartment or home have rights under state and federal law. For instance, they have the right to not be discriminated against by a landlord. The Fair Housing Act says that a person seeking housing cannot be turned away solely because of race, gender or religion. It is also illegal to turn someone away simply because they have a child.

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