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Tenants may not know about sinkhole dangers

Under Florida law, landlords don't have to tell tenants about the potential for sinkholes to develop under their rental properties. One couple didn't find out about the sinkhole risk that they faced until they were already three months into their lease. After asking their landlord, they found out that the house had been underpinned and were told that it was safe. However, the tenants said that the house and driveway had cracks in it and that the foundation was shifting.

The rights of tenants in Florida

Florida residents who rent an apartment or home have rights under state and federal law. For instance, they have the right to not be discriminated against by a landlord. The Fair Housing Act says that a person seeking housing cannot be turned away solely because of race, gender or religion. It is also illegal to turn someone away simply because they have a child.

HOA dispute about American flag

Florida residents might like to know about the patriotic stand one man is taking. When a retired officer of the U.S. Navy was told by his Tallahassee homeowner's association to remove the American flag covering his mailbox, the veteran refused. The man is appealing the letter he received that said the flag didn't fit in with his neighborhood's aesthetic values.

Obligations of a Florida landlord

In the state of Florida, a tenant is an equal party to a landlord. Therefore, the tenant does not have to agree to anything that a landlord proposes. However, once a lease is signed, both parties are bound by its terms, and there is no grace period in which the lease can be cancelled after it is signed. Typically, leases are written down as an oral agreement may be harder to enforce in court.

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